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About UWC Egypt

What We Do

UWC Egypt National Committee is responsible for the yearly selection of students from Egypt to join one of the seventeen UWCs around the world. Every year, we manage a lengthy selection process, starting from an applicant pool of about 600 candidates, out of which an average of 6 students are selected every year. The selections run from late December to late March.

Beside selecting UWC students from Egypt, we hold annual alumni meetings and reunions; we advertise and promote UWC in Egypt; we follow up with current students on their general progress in the college and provide support when needed.

Who We Are 

UWC Egypt National Committee is composed of volunteers, mostly graduates and current students of UWC from Egypt, and their parents. We welcome outside volunteers, especially during the selection process. We are working on establishing fruitful partnerships with NGOs in Egypt to achieve a more diverse applicant pool.

We believe in the right to education for all, regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation and beliefs, and socio-economic background, and aim to channel a life-changing educational opportunity to those who will make the most out of it to develop and to help their communities.