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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are United World Colleges?

UWC is a global educational movement with the mission to "make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future". There’s 18 United World Colleges all over the world, with students from more than 140 countries.

I am not very good at English, will that affect my chances?

No, English is not a requirement for admission. However, we strongly advise you to work on your English as it is the language of instruction and communication in all of the United World Colleges.

 I am in grade 11 or the 2nd year of high school, will I have to repeat a year in case of admission?


What is the curriculum at UWCs? Is it recognised in Egypt?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is the system of education in all of UWCs. It is recognised all over the world, and is listed in the Egyptian system as one of the foreign systems that are equivalent to Thanwyaa Aamaa (same as the American Diploma and IG). 

Do United World Colleges offer university scholarships?

No, the scholarships offered are limited to the IB programme.

Where do the students reside?

Students reside on school campus, their residence is a complete responsibility of the school.

Do I get to choose what school I attend if admitted?

-You can indicate your preference. However, the committee makes the final call on which school to nominate you for.

How much does it cost to attend a UWC?

The fees differ from one school to the other, to know about a specific school, please visit the school’s website. You can find a list of all schools here.

Are there available scholarships for students from Egypt?

Yes, there are a number of full and partial scholarships offered on a yearly basis. The economical background of the applicant is irrelevant in the application process.

What is the activities day?

The activities day is a day consisting of workshops and debates that intend to get to know the applicant. We discuss things such as current affairs, the applicants’ interests,..etc.

How are the scholarships recipients selected?

After passing all admission phases, the final nominees receive a financial aid form. We then nominate the final applicants based on the available spots in UWCs.