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Life after UWC


"Joining UWC Atlantic College has been an essential and an impactful factor in changing my life. This amazing experience has added so much to how I view the world around me, and to how I view myself. This has happened due to the experiences I have been through and the skills I have gained through my two years at the college. UWC has given me the chance to get to know people who have been a source of support and inspiration regardless of our racial and religious differences, or any other difference for that matter. This unique experience has made me appreciate and love the value of diversity on both an individual and a societal level."

- Menna, a UWC Atlantic College graduate who is now an environmental studies, Asian studies and Chineese language student at the University of Oklahoma.


"The UWC experience has helped me to have a better understanding of the world around me. It has been a great opportunity to develop my skills on both an academic and a personal level. I have learned about the world through my friends’ _who come from all over the world_ stories, through our daily interactions and the conversations we had. UWC has given me the chance to study what I love, and to get involved in more than one activity, such as teaching children and organising a TEDx conference, which has definitely helped me grow as a person. Being part of UWC has made me a more understanding person, and inspired me to know more about what’s happening around me. Also, I now have friends from all around the world."

-Salma, a UWC Adriatic graduate, now a double major in electrical engineering and Italian student at the University of Oklahoma.